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One of the hottest trends for weddings right now are rugs. Persian rugs, traditional rugs, Moroccan rugs, Western rugs, Vintage rugs, and Bohemian rugs just to name a few. We love this idea because it adds some unexpected interest to your event. A rug can be your main focal point, used as an accent piece or just something for visual interest.  Swap out that old traditional aisle runner, accent a grand entrance, or use a single rug at the altar.  Rugs can add such warmth and elegance to so many different settings. From classic to bohemian to themed – they truly fit with each person’s personal style.


For outdoor receptions, you can create a cozy lounge area by throwing out some rugs in the grass.  That way your guests can grab a drink and relax away from loud speakers.  Add some pillows and hang some fabric from above to further create an intimate atmosphere your guests will love.


A tent or marquee is a fantastic way to accommodate guests at an outdoor wedding. But they can easily turn into a sea of sterile white. To add vibrancy, cover the entire reception floor with Persian Rugs, or section areas of the marquee off using the rugs under cocktail furniture.


And for just a touch a flare, place one of our hand built farm tables atop a beautiful vintage rug for a little something to accentuate your wedding colors.   

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  1. July 17, 2017

    This is a great idea! Modern, antique, or vintage styled rugs are fabulous gift ideas.

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